2021.07.22 17:29

Two children rushed to hospital in Lithuania after crossing from Belarus

BNS2021.07.22 17:29

Two children were rushed to hospital after their parents gave them pills during their irregular crossing from Belarus into Lithuania, the country's State Border Guard Service (VSAT) said on Thursday.

The parents told officers they gave children the pills for them to be calmer when crossing the border in a group of 11 Iraqi nationals and four Russian citizens from Chechnya.

"Soon after their arrival, the adults turned to border guards as they were concerned about their children's state,” " the VSAT said. “Two minors were very sluggish and could not communicate. Kabeliai border guards called the ambulance immediately.”

“Upon their arrival, medical personnel rushed the children to an Alytus hospital where they ended up in the ICU,” the border guards said.

The children are now in a stable condition and there's no threat to their lives, the service added.

The children's parents said the masked people who led them to the Lithuanian border gave the children two pills each, allegedly to ensure that the children would remain calm.

The persons also gave one more pill to the parents, if they needed it when travelling inside Lithuania. The pill was then handed over to the medics for analysis.

Some 2,300 undocumented migrants have been detained in Lithuania so far this year. The majority of them are citizens of Middle Eastern and African countries.

Lithuanian officials say irregular migration is being facilitated by the Minsk regime, calling it “hybrid aggression”.

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