2021.07.21 17:09

Future quarantine in Lithuania would only apply to the unvaccinated – minister

BNS2021.07.21 17:09

Lithuanian Health Minister Arūnas Dulkys said on Wednesday that any future quarantine restrictions might apply only to unvaccinated people.

"If anyone wants to talk about a pandemic, perhaps it is worth emphasising that it is not a pandemic in general, but a pandemic of the unvaccinated," Dulkys told reporters. "If anyone in Lithuania wants to talk about a quarantine status or quarantine itself, let's start by saying it's a quarantine of the unvaccinated."

According to Dulkys, more restrictions may apply to people without the immunity certificate, which is available to those who test for Covid-19, have been vaccinated, or have recovered from the disease.

"You want to visit medical institutions; you want to visit your loved ones. Do you have an immunity certificate? No? We must feel responsible for these people so that we do not spread the virus to them and make every effort toward our common well-being," he said.

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