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EU rolls out digital Covid certificate – how to get it in Lithuania?

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From July 1, the EU's digital Covid certificate is rolled out across the 27 member states, aimed at easing travelling within the bloc.

Previously called the Digital Green Certificate, the EU Digital COVID Certificate (EUDCC) shows that individuals have either been fully vaccinated, tested negative for the virus, or recovered from the disease.

The digital certificate allows holders to access more services inside countries – it largely overlaps with Lithuania's own ‘opportunity passport’ – and allows easier travel within the EU.

However, individual member states maintain different entrance and self-isolation rules. All information about each country is available here or on the mobile app Re-open EU.

The digital certificate is issued by individual countries. In Lithuania, it can be done via the system,

Lithuanians have been able to sign up for the digital certificate since early June. However, people who took it out in June are advised to renew it.

In Lithuania, a person can get the digital certificate after one vaccine shot, but it won't be valid until two weeks after the person is fully vaccinated.

The digital certificate can be saved as a QR code on a mobile device or printed out on paper.

The certificate shows the user's name, date of birth, and information about vaccination, coronavirus testing and recovery. However, the data is not collected when the code is scanned.

The EU Digital COVID Certificate partly overlaps with Lithuania's national immunity certificate, the so-called ‘opportunity passport’. The EU certificate gives access to all the same services as the national certificate, but can be more difficult to obtain.

Notably, the opportunity passport is given to people with only one Vaxveria (AstraZeneca) shot. Another significant difference is that the opportunity passport needs to be renewed every seven days, while the EU certificate does not need to be renewed.

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