2021.06.28 12:45

Lithuania to lift quarantine this week, but most restrictions remain

BNS, LRT.lt2021.06.28 12:45

Lithuania's government has decided to lift the existing quarantine as of July 1, but the emergency situation in the country will stay in place due to the pandemic. Most of the existing restrictions will therefore remain in force.

Moreover, the government's assistance to pandemic-affected businesses will continue, Health Minister Arūnas Dulkys said said on Monday.

“Most of the measures will be moved from the quarantine resolution into the emergency situation resolution: [...] border controls, regulations of business activities, regulations of public and administrative services,” the minister said, presenting the decisions.

“There are very few changes in specific measures, since there remain a lot of risks. We have the Delta variant, a slowdown in vaccination. We are just adapting the legal regulation,” he said.

Even after July 1, Lithuania will keep border controls and existing requirements for coronavirus testing and self-isolation.

Organisers of big public events, including festivals and concerts, will have to make sure that attendees hold immunity passports.


Wearing facemasks will remain mandatory in indoor places where clients are serviced, Health Minister Dulkys has specified.

These include shops, shopping centres, public institutions and businesses where there is a physical contact between clients and service providers.

Meanwhile, facemasks are only recommended in indoor places, such as offices, that do not involve direct contact with clients.

Facemasks are not required in outdoor public places, where sufficient distances can be maintained.

Rules concerning the wearing of facemsks will be clarified in upcoming government meetings, Dulkys said.

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