2021.06.23 17:35

Lithuanian government advised to lift quarantine, decision expected on Monday

BNS2021.06.23 17:35

The Lithuanian government's emergency commission has recommended that the cabinet lift the coronavirus quarantine, but leave in place the emergency regime, Health Minister Arūnas Dulkys said on Wednesday.

“The commission decided to propose that the government change the legal status from quarantine to emergency,” the minister told reporters after the panel's meeting.

“At the same time, however, efforts will be made to follow various restrictions that may be important in preparing for the potential impact of the Delta mutation [of the coronavirus],” he added.

The cabinet will discuss whether to extend the quarantine, which is set to expire on June 30, on Monday, according to Dulkys.

“But the message is not that we can relax. This means that we've achieved some results, and if the measures imposed under emergency legislation are enough, then perhaps that should suffice. But the government will make the final decision soon,” he added.

“Reasonable” measures, such as the requirement to wear facemasks in public indoor places and limit the flow of people, will remain in place after the quarantine is lifted, according to Dulkys.

“Until we have reached an even more significant proportion of vaccinated people and have wrestled the virus down, there should be some restrictions, such as wearing facemasks in shops and, possibly, observing restrictions on people's flows, and all other reasonable decisions that are necessary alongside testing and vaccination,” he said.

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