2021.06.22 13:00

Gender wage gap up to 50 percent in some Lithuanian sectors – survey

BNS2021.06.22 13:00

Men earn on average more than women in the absolute majority of companies in Lithuania, including those paying the highest wages, according to a survey by Creditinfo Lietuva.

Employees are particularly sensitive to the wage difference in Lithuania because men and women are equally involved in the labour market, notes Jekaterina Rojaka, head of business strategy and expansion at Creditinfo Lietuva.

Men earn more in telecommunications, where the wage gap is 50.1 percent, the production of medicines and pharmaceutical products (47.8 percent), veterinary (45.1 percent), insurance (41.9 percent), financial services (43.3 percent), film and TV production (40.4 percent), as well as the production of electrical equipment (38 percent).

Men earn more in 72 out of the 81 sectors that Lithuanian businesses are divided into. Often, the wage gap is as wide as 30-50 percent.

Meanwhile, women earn more than men, on average, in education, where the wage difference is 19.2 percent.

Also, women earn more on average than men in land transport services and transport services via pipelines (10.7 percent), social work (11.6 percent), care (8.3 percent), furniture production (7.2 percent), postal and courier services (6.2 percent), tobacco (5.8 percent) and metal goods production (5.1 percent).

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