2021.06.18 17:00

Lithuania braced for ‘tropical’ week

LRT TV2021.06.18 17:00

Extremely hot weather is expected in Lithuania over the weekend and the coming week, with temperatures hitting 33C.

“Look how clear the sky is today! That's what an anticyclone in summer means: clear, warm, even hot weather and no rain,” says Izolda Marcinonienė, a meteorologist at the Lithuanian Hydrometeorology Service (LHMT).

In the coming days, Lithuania is up for the first “tropical” heatwave this year, which is coming from North Africa and will stretch across Central Europe all the way to Scandinavia, she says.

Temperatures will hover between 27 and 32C on Saturday, hitting 33C on Sunday in most places across the country, according to Marcinonienė. Even at night, temperatures will stay above 20C. “It's the start of the so-called tropical nights,” she says.

During the days, people should use plenty of sunscreen and avoid staying in direct sunlight too long. “We should try to stay in the shade all the time and not to exert ourselves physically,” Marcinonienė advises.

Hot and dry weather will linger until the middle of next week, with some rain only expected on Thursday, which is a public holiday in Lithuania.

Still, the weather will remain warm until the end of next week, Marcinonienė reassures.

“True, in mid-week, we'll have a weather more characteristic of the middle latitudes, which will quell the heat, bring some freshness and respite, but it will still be warm, 20-25C,” she says. “This pleasant summer warmth will stay with us next weekend.”

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