2021.06.11 12:03

Outdoor dining 180 metres in the air: Vilnius TV tower opens a new cafe

photos 2021.06.11 12:03

Vilnius television tower has opened an outdoor cafe, allowing guests to dine and enjoy a bird’s eye view of the city from a height of 180 metres.

The 326-metre-tall Vilnius television tower is the tallest building in Lithuania and is also among the tallest TV towers in the world. This year marks the 40th anniversary since it began operating on January 31, 1981.

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Until recently, visitors could take in the sights of the city from the rotating viewing platform, positioned 165 metres up the tower. Now, an outdoor cafe has been opened some 15 above the rotating platform.

The cafe currently allows 10 people to dine and enjoy the view under good weather conditions.