2021.05.24 10:33

‘Opportunity passport’ comes into effect in Lithuania

BNS, LRT2021.05.24 10:33

An immunity certificate, the so-called ‘opportunity passport’, comes into force in Lithuania on Monday and will be available to those who have been vaccinated, have recovered from Covid-19, or have tested negative for the virus.

The pass can be obtained on the website where people will have to confirm their identity and then will be issued a QR code they can save on their phones or print it out.

How will Lithuania's ‘opportunity passport’ work – explainer

While the opportunity passport is only available to citizens and permanent residents of the country, government officials have said that visitors can present copies of their vaccination certificates instead.

From May 24, businesses and various event organisers are able to check the status of their customers' ‘opportunity passport’ on the website, using a special scanner on the phone’s screen and to scan the QR code.

Holders of the pass can be seated indoors in cafes and restaurants, attend bigger public events indoors and outdoors, join more entertainment activities and private events. They can also use hotel accommodation services without restriction.

Opportunity pass also allows workers to return from telework to offices.

The Economy Ministry estimates that nearly 1.5 million people in the country are already eligible for the opportunity passport without testing.

As of Monday, updated rules of Lithuania's quarantine allows bars and restaurants to stay open until 22:00 and for shopping malls to work on weekends.

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