2021.05.17 09:15

Lithuania launches national registration system for vaccines, disruptions reported

Ramūnas Jakubauskas, BNS2021.05.17 09:15

Lithuania is launching a national electronic registration system for Covid-19 vaccine on Monday, allowing people to sign up for their shots in a single system via the e-government gateway or by phone, by calling 1808.

The national registration system can be accessed via the website It also allows registering another person for vaccination.

“As has been the case up to now, you can choose the vaccine, the date, the time and the municipality you want to get vaccinated in. Irrespective of the place or registration or residence, your regular clinic or other circumstances,” Health Minister Arūnas Dulkys said in a video released by the ministry on Monday.

This week, Lithuania starts administering Covid-19 vaccine shots to people over the age of 45 throughout the country. Some municipalities have already started vaccinating this age group.

To register for a shot, a person will have to confirm his or her identity via the e-government gateway.

All sixty municipalities have joined the platform, Aistė Šuksta, spokeswoman for the health minister, told BNS.

Explanatory videos about registration procedures are available on the website. Registration via phone (1808) is also possible.

To be ready for any disruptions in the functioning of the national registration system, the ministry has put in place an alternative for registration via the pre-patient registration system, Šuksta said.

“The system is not new, it has just been equipped with an additional module. If disruptions to the system are short-term, the supplier will be ready to eliminate them. If the system cannot be restored, there is an alternative in place,” she added.

The service of the national registration system is being provided by Tarptautinė Skubios Medicinos Akademija. The additional module cost 450,000 euros.

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Update: Launche followed by disruptions

Soon after the launch of the registration system on Monday morning, there appeared reports that it was not operating smoothly and was difficult to access.

“The developer monitors the system and is taking action. On the other hand, it shows that people are getting registered. There is also an alternative available – to register by calling a short number [1808],” Aiste Šuksta, spokeswoman for the health minister, told BNS.

The system was previously used by the municipalities of Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda, which were joined by other municipalities.

All sixty municipalities have joined the platform by Monday.

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