2021.05.03 13:24

Lithuanian customs detain military truck from Belarus

BNS2021.05.03 13:24

Lithuanian customs officers have detained a special-purpose military truck URAL-375AM being transported via the country from Belarus.

According to the Customs Department, it launched an investigation after specialists from the Defence Ministry confirmed the vehicle was on the list of controlled goods and a special license was needed for its transportation.

Lithuanian customs officers said the company transporting the truck had previously attempted to move such vehicles without the necessary documents. Taking advantage of a problem with the Lithuanian customs' IT system, it imported two portable power stations on a ZIL platform, according to the officials.

On April 26, Lithuanian customs officers at Raigardas checkpoint also detained a KAMAZ-43101 vehicle, which is considered to be military equipment. The vehicle was being transported via Lithuania without a transit license.

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