2021.04.12 10:06

Some 100 exchange students caught partying in Vilnius, LRT RADIJAS2021.04.12 10:06

Police have broken up a party of over 100 people in Vilnius, most of whom were Erasmus exchange students. Under the current quarantine restrictions, contacts between different households are banned.

According to the Vilnius Police, they received a report after midnight on Saturday that a party with loud music is taking place in a building on Kareivių Street.

“After the police arrived, a hall was found where there was a crowd of people,” police spokesman Ramūnas Matonis told LRT RADIO. “There were over 100 of them. The officers established the organisers of the party and the tenant of the premises.”

The police managed to identify 89 people, most of whom were Erasmus exchange students. Others managed to flee when the police arrived.

This was the largest party reported during quarantine, according to the police. Those who took part face fines ranging from 500 to 1,500 euros.

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Previously, another large party of students was busted by the police on February 11, which was also attended predominantly by Erasmus students.

Although it’s bad that student parties are taking place during quarantine, it’s a coincidence they are being attended by foreign students, Vytautas Kučinskas, head of the Lithuanian Students’ Union, told

“I would believe that quarantine restrictions affected both foreign and Lithuanian students equally. Maybe it’s a coincidence that Erasmus students have appeared in such parties,” said Kučinskas.

An investigation by the LSS showed that the quarantine has negatively affected the mental wellbeing of students, he stressed.

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