2021.04.08 12:00

Third wave? Coronavirus situation in Lithuania deteriorating since mid-March

BNS2021.04.08 12:00

The coronavirus pandemic in Lithuania has been gaining momentum since March, according to the Lithuanian government's review into the Covid-19 situation.

For almost a month now there have been no days when the weekly number of new coronavirus cases would go down. According to the government’s review, the daily number of cases might reach 2,000 by the end of April if the current situation persists,.

The number of new cases has tripled in Vilnius County and the number of people in hospitals has almost doubled in six weeks. The hospital bed occupancy rate in Kaunas County has gone up by a third from last week.

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Lithuania should receive around 375,000 vaccines over the next three weeks, according to the review. The country should step up the vaccination of over-65s, as there are still 295,000 people in this age group who have not yet received a Covid-19 jab.

Based on experience of vaccinating the medics, it shows that the widespread use of the Covid-19 jab in a single sector is able to stop the spread of new coronavirus cases, the review noted.

Meanwhile, the daily number of deaths linked to Covid-19 continues to go down.