2021.04.08 09:21

Lithuania's drop in life expectancy among sharpest in EU

BNS2021.04.08 09:21

Lithuania is one of the EU member states that registered the largest drop in life expectancy in 2020, figures from Eurostat show.

The largest decreases were recorded in Spain (-1.6 years compared to 2019) and Bulgaria (-1.5 years), followed by Lithuania, Poland and Romania (-1.4 years each), the EU's statistical office said on Wednesday.

Life expectancy in Lithuania fell to 75.1 years in 2020, from 76.5 years in 2019.

The figure remained unchanged in Latvia and declined by 0.4 years in Estonia.

Average life expectancy in the EU was 81.3 years in 2019. Wednesday's report did not provide the average figure for 2020 because Ireland's data for the year were not yet available.

Eurostat defines life expectancy at birth as the average number of years that a newborn child would live if subjected to current mortality conditions throughout the rest of their life.