2021.03.29 11:42

Lithuania to update national security strategy due to China, Russia threats

BNS2021.03.29 11:42

Lithuania has started the process to update its National Security Strategy due to the threats posed by China and Russia, according to Defence Minister Arvydas Anušauskas.

"The changing international security environment and ever arising new challenges have become a stimulus to speak about a review of the existing National Security Strategy," Anušauskas said in a statement.

“Factors like China's growing power, the ongoing military modernisation of Russia's Western Military District and the Covid-19 pandemic have created the need to reassess the means that are used to ensure national security and the defence of [Lithuania’s] interests,” he added.

An inter-institutional working group, led by Anušauskas, has been set up to work on the strategy, which is expected to be presented to the parliament by June 30.

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According to the minister, the goal is to assess the military and non-military tools to respond to threats, as well as to streamline the workings of Lithuania’s institutions and also look at ways how to involve the private and the non-governmental sector in defence.

The Defence Ministry will also hold roundtable discussions and public consultations with academic institutions and analysts.

The National Security Strategy is endorsed by the Lithuanian Seimas.

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