2021.03.23 09:19

Too early to reopen shopping malls in Lithuania – minister

BNS2021.03.23 09:19

Reopening shopping malls in Lithuania is premature, given that the coronavirus situation in some European countries is deteriorating, according to Health Minister Arūnas Dulkys.

“My message today is that the nearest two or three weeks will show what will happen with the incidence rates,” Dulkys told reporters on Monday.

“Remember where Lithuania was in the middle of December. We were number one in the world and in Europe in terms of coronavirus incidence rates and our hospitals reached occupancy rates of 95 percent or even more. Now something similar is happening in Paris,” he added.

“I don’t think that we all want to get back to that time and I think that we have to get all those things under control,” Dulkys said.

On Monday, large shopping malls, which remain closed under lockdown restrictions, made a case for safe reopening, proposing measures such as regular testing of employees and managing flows of customers.

So far, the Lithuanian government has allowed to reopen shops with direct street access. Meanwhile, shopping malls are only open for access to grocery shops, pharmacies, optical shops and pet shops. Other outlets within shopping malls are only allowed to stay open for pick-up and delivery.

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