2021.03.15 09:23

Lockdown changes: museums and galleries reopen in Lithuania, more schools resume classes

BNS2021.03.15 09:23

On Monday, all shops with direct street access can reopen in Lithuania, as well as museums and galleries.

More than 1,000 primary students are returning to classrooms in three schools in Vilnius. Once collective testing of students and teachers is ensured, in-class teaching will also resume in around 60 education institutions throughout the country.

Under the current lockdown rules, shops are required to ensure a space of at least 20 square metres per customer.

Museums, galleries and other exhibition venues that want to reopen must sell tickets online and ensure a space of at least 30 square metres per visitor. No more than two people coming together will be allowed in, unless they are members of the same household.

On Monday, the government is also deciding whether to lift the existing restrictions on inter-city movement and on different lockdown regimes for municipalities.

The ban to travel between municipalities is set to expire on Monday.

Lithuania was placed under national lockdown on November 7 and it was further tightened in mid-December. In late February, the government extended restrictions until the end of March.

Last month, hairdressers, beauty salons and small shops were allowed to reopen with certain restrictions.

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