2021.03.05 13:57

One in ten people in Lithuania have received Covid-19 jab

BNS2021.03.05 13:57

Lithuania has given at least one Covid-19 vaccine shot to 30.5 percent of people aged over 80, according to the country's statistics office.

Meanwhile the share of people in their 70s who have already been vaccinated at least once is 15.3 percent.

Overall, more than 200,000 people in Lithuania, or 7.16 percent of the population, have received their first coronavirus vaccine shot so far and 80,500, or 2.88 percent, have been given two jabs.

Lithuania has to date received 328,235 vaccine doses and has used 280,565 of them.

The government's plan calls for administering two vaccine shots to everyone older than 80 (except those choosing not to get the jabs) and most people in the 75-80 age group by the end of March. The vaccination of people over 65 should begin this month, while jabs for everyone else are expected to be made available in May.

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