2021.03.02 17:45

Lithuania confirms 25 cases of UK coronavirus variant

BNS2021.03.02 17:45

Another 25 cases of the UK variant of the coronavirus have been confirmed in Lithuania, the country's National Public Health Surveillance Laboratory said on Tuesday.

According to the laboratory, which coordinates genome sequencing testing in Lithuania, 11 cases were found among 85 samples tested by the laboratory of Kaunas Clinics.

Santaros Clinics laboratory in Vilnius tested 13 specifically selected samples and all of them were confirmed as the UK variant.

One more case of the UK variant was discovered among the 188 samples sent to the reference laboratory of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.

Danas Bakša, director of the National Public Health Surveillance Laboratory, says samples for sequencing testing are selected from across the country to assess the distribution of mutations.

Some samples are taken randomly, while others under specific selection criteria.

A total of 37 cases of the UK variant have been detected in Lithuania since February.