2021.02.26 10:21

LRT launches English language podcast – Culture Nerve, LRT RADIJAS2021.02.26 10:21

LRT RADIO is launching the public broadcaster’s first English-language podcast, Culture Nerve.

In each bi-weekly episode, a Lithuanian and a foreign expert sit down for a virtual talk to share their thoughts on what matters most in culture. This podcast is created together with the network of Lithuania‘s cultural attachés.

“The Lithuanian cultural attachés wish to contribute even more to the creation of LRT’s cultural content. Our cultural professionals maintain international relations: they constantly encounter interesting people from the world of culture, whose ideas do not always reach Lithuania,” said Juta Liutkevičiūtė-Kiudė, host of the podcast.

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“Their valuable conversations about society, culture in general, and remarkably similar or radically different contexts – depending on the country – often remain in closed circles; thus, the Lithuanian cultural attachés suggested that we create this type of podcast. The main idea of Culture Nerve is to stimulate discussion about culture and art among different countries”,

In the first episode, Italian professor Roberto Farneti meets historian and diplomat Irena Vaišvilaitė to discuss what the Soviet and fascist regimes have left behind in their native countries and how to deal with difficult historical events and their legacy.

All episodes will be available to listen on LRT’s Audioteka, LRT English, and on Spotify.