2021.02.12 17:04

Belarusian opposition figures in Lithuania dismiss Lukashenko's assembly as 'farce'

BNS2021.02.12 17:04

Belarusian opposition figures living in Lithuania on Friday dismissed the so-called People’s Assembly convened by Alexander Lukashenko as a “farce”.

“The whole event aimed to conduct reforms in Belarus and solve political crisis was basically a show organised to give Lukashenko a tribune to speak," Franak Viacorka, adviser to former Belarusian presidential candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, told BNS.

"[Lukashenko] promised constitutional changes in the autumn; he didn't do anything and his speech yesterday was not the promise of changes, but it was a promise to think about the changes of constitution," Viacorka said.

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"It was just another gathering of loyalists brought mandatorily to the room just to give him legitimacy,” he added.

Lukashenko, who has faced sanctions and mass protests over vote-rigging during the presidential election in August last year, said that a referendum on a new constitution for Belarus could be held in about a year, simultaneously with municipal elections.

"I'm certain that we'll have a new draft of the constitution by the end of this year and will adopt this fundamental legal document in a referendum within the next 11–12 months," the Interfax news agency quoted him as saying.