2021.01.26 18:00

Vilnius celebrates 698th anniversary with light installations – in photos

LRT.lt2021.01.26 18:00

This week, the Lithuanian capital is celebrating its birthday with light installations on monuments and bridges.

Four bridges across the Neris River, the Gediminas Tower and Vilnius TV tower are among the edifices lit in multiple colours.

While earliest settlements in the area date back to the Stone Age, it is customary to date a city from its earliest mention in written sources.

Vilnius – or Vilna – was identified as the seat of Grand Duke Gediminas in a letter written on January 25, 1323.

Gediminas sent out copies of the letter, in Latin, to the German cities of Lübeck, Sund, Bremen, Magdeburg, Cologne and others. He invited knights, merchants and craftsmen to come to the Grand Duchy and practice their trade, offering them tax exemptions and protection.

Take a look at the photos of Vilnius lit for the celebration.