2020.12.29 13:20

Oil spill in Lithuania ‘dissipates’ in the Baltic Sea

BNS2020.12.29 13:20

After some two tons of crude had been released into the Baltic Sea on Monday, the oil spill has now disappeared, according to the Lithuanian Navy's Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre.

"The search area was extended to cover the maximum possible drift distance, [but] no [oil] slick was detected," Eugenijus Valikovas, the center's head, told BNS.

The pollution “was split up into smaller pieces because of the weather conditions, wind and waves, and the cold air and water temperatures [thickened] it into clumps", said Valikovas, adding that "the slick dissipates, that is, it sinks".

On Monday, the Lithuanian authorities reported that the oil slick was around four kilometres long and some 100 metres wide.

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The country’s Environment Ministry said that up to two tons of crude oil had been released into the sea.

Orlen Lietuva, the terminal's owner, will have to compensate for the damage that is estimated at around 12,000 euros, according to the ministry.

The company has been importing crude via Butingė since 2006 after Poland's Orlen purchased the crude refinery near Mažeikiai, in northwestern Lithuania.

After the terminal’s launch in 1998, four other incidents occurred between 1999 and 2008.

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