2020.12.03 15:34

English remains most popular exam among Lithuanian school graduates

BNS2020.12.03 15:34

English exam remains the most popular among Lithuanian school-leavers, even if 552 fewer graduates will take it next year, the country's National Education Agency says.

In all, 18,433 candidates chose to take English as part of their graduation exam session next spring, out of 27,733.

The state-level Lithuanian Language and Literature is the second most popular subject, with 17,207 graduates taking the exam, 29 more than last academic year. Additionally, 9,352 students will take school-level exam of Lithuanian.

Mathematics is the next most popular subject, with 16,857 students choosing to take the exam, followed by History (8,554) and Biology (6,496).

Moreover, 3,476 school-leavers will take the state-level Geography exam, 2,589 will take take Physics, 2,582 IT, and 1,374 Chemistry.

Also, 741 students will take Polish as a native language exam, 323 native Russian-speakers will take Russian and 45 school-leavers will take the Belarusian native language exam.

Final-year students had to pick which graduation exams they want to take by November 24 and make final adjustments by December 2.

The main session of state graduation exams is scheduled to begin on April 7–9.

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