2020.12.03 14:25

Wind and cold craft ice sculptures on Lithuanian coast – photos

LRT.lt2020.12.03 14:25

Frost and water created some breathtaking sights in Lithuania's Nida.

Sudden cold on Thursday night combined with strong winds, splashing water from the Curonian Lagoon, to cover poles, benches, and trees in Nida with impressive-looking formations of ice.

People in Nida, a coastal town on Lithuania's Curonian Spit, were sharing photos of the phenomenon on Thursday morning, saying the “ice sculptures” seemed very fragile and could melt within hours.

One of Lithuania's favourite summer holiday destinations, Nida is relatively quiet in winter. According to the town's tourism information centre director Edita Lubickaitė, despite pandemic restrictions, Nida's hotels are welcoming visitors and local restaurants are serving food to take away.