2020.11.25 08:54

Lithuania buying freezers to prep for vaccine deliveries

BNS2020.11.25 08:54

Lithuania will seek to order Covid-19 vaccines directly from the producers and is already buying freezers for storage, the country's Health Ministry said in a press release on Tuesday.

According to the Health Ministry, Lithuania will seek to sign delivery contracts with producers themselves due to the ultra-low temperatures needed for some of the vaccines.

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If the producers will be unable to provide delivery services, Lithuania would sign contracts with logistics companies, according to the Health Ministry.

The country has already launched procedures for the procurement of necessary freezers, which will be equipped with appropriate monitoring systems.

Lithuania is buying vaccines together with other European Union member states. Preliminary contracts have been signed with five pharmaceutical companies that are completing their clinical trials and are preparing to submit their vaccines for approval over the next several months.

According to the Health Ministry, Lithuania plans to procure enough vaccines to vaccinate 70 percent of the population, which is required to form collective immunity in the country.

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