2020.11.16 14:31

Lithuanian defence minister calls for permanent US troop presence

BNS, LRT.lt2020.11.16 14:31

During his visit to the United States, Lithuania’s Acting Defence Minister Raimundas Karoblis called for a permanent presence of US troops in the country.

“We would like the US to consider Lithuania as a place for permanent deployment, therefore, we are investing in infrastructure to create the conditions for their deployment," Karoblis said in the meeting with his US counterpart, Acting Secretary of Defence Christopher C Miller.

A second rotational US battalion has recently been deployed to Lithuania. According to US and Lithuanian officials, the deployment was pre-planned and did not come in response to the tensions with Belarus.

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Karoblis arrived in Washington on Friday, where he also signed a deal with the US government to acquire four Black Hawk helicopters.

According to the Lithuanian Defence Ministry, Karoblis also met with other high ranking US officials, including members of Congress, Secretary of the Air Force Barbara M Barrett, and Secretary of the Army Ryan D McCarthy.

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