2020.10.30 11:34

People were not observing Covid-19 recommendations – Lithuania's health official

Augustas Stankevičius, BNS2020.10.30 11:34

The coronavirus is spreading everywhere in the country and the rise in infections will only accelerate, said Daiva Razmuvienė, a chief specialist at Lithuania's National Public Health Centre's (NVSC) Infectious Disease Control Unit.

The country has been reporting spiking numbers of new infections, with 950 new cases reported on Thursday.

“We should probably no longer use that word ‘record’ as those numbers will definitely go up,” Razmuvienė said, adding that people have not changed their behaviour to minimise the risk of infection.

“We see what's happening during sports matches, at clubs, cafes,” Razmuvienė told reporters on Thursday. “We should have been more responsible earlier, now we have the consequences of our not always responsible behaviour.”

The NVSC data shows the biggest share of patients come from the age group of under 65, meaning that they are socially active, Razmuvienė said.

Members of the public did not follow all previous recommendations in Lithuania, the specialist said. She says it is now impossible to single out areas where the virus is spreading at the fastest pace: “The virus is spreading everywhere.”

According to Razmuvienė, around 700 medical workers are currently ill with Covid-19. “We see the biggest threat here,” she said.

Razmuvienė also welcomed the president's initiative to set up an expert council. “It's difficult for those who are working now, and it will definitely be difficult for the incoming government. Such a group, I believe, would be very beneficial during the transition,” she said.

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Lithuania has so far reported 13,088 Covid-19 infections. The country currently has 8,301 active coronavirus cases and 4,582 recoveries, the Health Ministry said.

The coronavirus death toll stands at 150, and another 55 coronavirus-infected people have died of other causes.

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