2020.10.27 12:53

Coronavirus: Lithuania reports 413 new cases, 5 deaths

LRT.lt2020.10.27 12:53

Lithuania reported 413 new coronavirus cases on Tuesday morning. Five people died of Covid-19 over Monday.

According to the National Public Health Centre (NVSC), 9,390 people were tested for the virus on Monday.

Lithuanian military personnel are now assisting the National Public Health Centre in tracking the new infections, as the health specialists have been overwhelmed in recent days.

With the current number of personnel, the health centre previously said they’re able to trace around 300 cases per day.

The specialists were able to process 319 new cases as of Tuesday midday. Some 253 people have fallen ill after coming in contact with a confirmed case of the virus.

The circumstances surrounding 66 new infections are still unclear, while 94 cases are still yet to be examined.

The majority of confirmed cases are linked to education and medical establishments, sports clubs and teams, and private companies.

The confirmed cases have been registered in the districts of Vilnius (108), Kaunas (104), Šiauliai (90), Klaipėda (52), Panevėžys (15), Telšiai (12), Tauragė (12), Marijampolė (10), Alytus (9), and Utena (1).

As of Tuesday morning, some 10.400 out of the country's total of 17,300 hospital beds are currently occupied. Over half of all intensive care places are also taken – 368 out of 656.

Some 196 out of 597 beds with lung ventilators are occupied, and around 2,000 out of 6,200 beds with available oxygen treatment equipment are in use.

Meanwhile, 342 people are currently hospitalised with Covid-19, 32 of them are in intensive care. Some 133 people require oxygen treatment and 15 need a lung-ventilator.

There have been 11,362 confirmed infections in the country so far, 6,844 are currently active cases. Meanwhile, 4,329 people have already recovered.

So far, 141 people have died of the disease.

A total of 27,714 people are currently in isolation.