2020.10.23 15:01

Vilnius faces quarantine as soon as next week – health minister

BNS2020.10.23 15:01

Vilnius as well other major Lithuanian cities may soon be put under quarantine due to high Covid-19 infection rates, Health Minister Aurelijus Veryga said on Friday.

“Data available to me indicate that most of the major municipalities may be added to the red list as early as Monday,” he told reporters.

Asked whether Vilnius would also be included, he said: “As far as I know, yes.”

The government decided this week to group Lithuanian municipalities into three categories – green, yellow, and red – based on their coronavirus infection risk levels.

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Thirteen municipalities are currently classified as red. The updated list is to be released later on Friday.

Municipalities in the green zone are not subject to any restriction and those in the yellow one have to follow certain recommendations.

Red municipalities are subject to quarantine restrictions, including mandatory facemasks, limitations on public events and controls on customer flows in shops. Where possible, people are advised to switch to working from home.

Quarantine restrictions in twelve red municipalities will come into effect on Monday and last until November 9. Raseiniai District was placed under quarantine earlier this month.

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