2020.10.23 17:30

Moose goes on rampage in Riga: misses train, goes for a dip instead

LRT.lt2020.10.23 17:30

A wild moose has gone on a rampage across the Latvian capital Riga, the country’s public broadcaster LSM reported on Wednesday.

The wild animal first visited a DIY store before queuing at a train station and then jogging along railway tracks causing delays to commuters.

The moose then decided to take a dip at the River Daugava. After the afternoon swim, the animal loitered at the Zaķusala island in central Riga.

According to the LMS, “the moose's metropolitan exploits were met with great enthusiasm on social media with many praising the beast's way of providing an interesting and entertaining diversion during these troubled times”.

“There was a even a call to nominate the moose as person of the year,” the LSM added.

The animal's exploits can be followed in a series of videos shared by Latvia's LTV.