2020.10.21 11:52

Lithuania grants 507 visas to Belarusians fleeing repressions

BNS2020.10.21 11:52

Lithuania has granted a total of 507 visas to Belarusian citizens fleeing the regime, the Lithuanian Interior Ministry said on Wednesday.

"The figure is constantly changing and we are issuing permits to come to Lithuania every day,” Interior Minister Rita Tamašunienė said in a statement.

“As protests show no signs of calming down, people decide to leave Belarus. But these people can return to their country, once they are out of danger,” she added.

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Out of the 507 people that have been granted permits to come to Lithuania on special humanitarian grounds under the minister's order, 139 Belarusian citizens have already reached Lithuania.

In mid-August, the Lithuanian government opened a so-called humanitarian corridor for Belarusians after the regime launched a brutal crackdown against protesters.

Belarusians willing to come to Lithuania for humanitarian reasons need to turn to the Lithuanian Embassy in Belarus for a Schengen visa and provide information regarding their circumstances.

Once in Lithuania, Belarusian citizens can ask for asylum or apply for a national visa that allows them to work.

Those fleeting emergency situations can also lodge asylum requests at a border checkpoint.

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