2020.10.18 11:38

Coronavirus: Lithuania confirms 480 cases over weekend

LRT.lt2020.10.18 11:38

Lithuania’s health authorities confirmed 228 cases on Saturday and 252 on Sunday.

Over the weekend, 163 cases were confirmed in Vilnius County, 81 in Kaunas County, 50 in Šiauliai County, 42 in Panevėžys County, 15 in Marijampolė County, 19 in Telšiai County, 15 in Tauragė County, and 10 in Alytus County.

Fifty-three of the cases confirmed on Saturday and 31 on Sunday could not yet be traced.

Some 105 cases on Sunday and 126 on Saturday are considered linked with existing clusters in schools, sports clubs, medical establishments, care homes, and companies including Intersurgical, Regitra, Lithuanian Post.

Infections have also been registered among the country’s police force, as well as among the employees of local administration bodies.

As of Sunday, 204 people across the country have been hospitalised, 18 of them are in intensive care. Eighty-two people require oxygen treatment, and eight require lung ventilators.

Lithuania’s total count of coronavirus infections stands at 7,521.

Some 4,276 are ill with the virus, 3,097 have recovered, and 33,466 are in isolation.

Since the pandemic has begun, 113 people have died of Covid-19 and 35 people infected with the virus have died of other causes.