2020.10.14 15:32

Lithuanian intelligence eases restrictions for informants to arrive in the country

BNS2020.10.14 15:32

Foreign nationals who cooperate with Lithuania's intelligence services will be admitted into the country and will not be required to self-isolate upon arrival, according to new rules approved on Wednesday.

Lithuania’s State Security Department (VSD), the initiator of the amendment, said that due to the sensitive nature of the information exchanged between the department and the individuals, the interaction cannot be limited to electronic communication.

The procedure for such individuals to enter the country needs to be confidential, according to VSD.

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Interior Minister Rita Tamašunienė, who presented the amendment to the cabinet, noted that intelligence services may need someone to arrive in person for “objective” reasons.

Lithuania has two intelligence services: the VSD and the Second Investigation Department under the Defence Ministry.

Foreign nationals arriving for national security-related purposes will now be exempt from the two-week isolation requirement.

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