2020.08.06 09:52

Face masks to be mandatory during Lithuania's October election

BNS2020.08.06 09:52

Election workers, voters and observers will have to wear face masks at polling locations during the October parliamentary election, the Central Electoral Commission decided on Wednesday.

All voters waiting in lines will have to stand at least one metre apart. People will have to enter polling sites through one door and leave through another.

Voters who will vote at home will be advised to fill out their ballots outside their doors, if possible.

People with underlying health issues and the elderly will be encouraged to come to their polling stations early in the morning when fewer voters usually show up.

Voters will be advised to bring their own pens to mark the ballot papers. The pens in voting booths will have to be disinfected after each use.

Advance voting will be available from Monday through Thursday during the pandemic. Normally, early voting begins on Wednesday and ends on Thursday.

Lithuania will elect its next parliament on October 11.