2020.08.05 12:12

Coronavirus: Lithuania confirms 10 new infections, half from unknown sources

LRT.lt2020.08.05 12:12

Ten new coronavirus cases were diagnosed in Lithuania over Tuesday, the National Public Health Centre (NVSC) announced on Wednesday morning.

All the infections were contracted domestically. Five people got infected from contacts with known Covid-19 cases.

Meanwhile the rest could not be traced to any known sources, Justina Petravičienė of the NVSC told LRT RADIO.

One person died from Covid-19 on Tuesday. According to previous reports, a 54-year-old Franciscan monk passed away in Vilnius Santara Clinic. In all, 81 people have died from the coronavirus in Lithuania so far.

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Lithuania has confirmed 2,147 Covid-19 infections, of which 403 are active cases, while 1,650 people have already recovered.

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