2020.08.03 10:38

Coronavirus: Lithuania confirms 10 new cases, 2 infection sources unknown

LRT.lt2020.08.03 10:38

Ten new coronavirus cases were diagnosed in Lithuania over the last 24 hours, the National Public Health Centre (NVSC) reported on Monday morning.

Four infections have been contracted abroad, while four more people got infected after coming into contact with previously confirmed cases.

The sources of two infections – one in Klaipėda County and one in Kaunas County – have yet to be traced, according to the NVSC.

Three people in Klaipėda County, western Lithuania, were diagnosed with Covid-19 after returning from Poland on July 25.

One person in Utena County, north-western Lithuania, had visited Ireland before being diagnosed with the coronavirus.

In all, Lithuania has confirmed 2,120 cases of Covid-19 to date. Of them, 382 are active cases, while 1,645 people have recovered.

Eighty people have died from the coronavirus in Lithuania so far, 13 more had been diagnosed with the disease, but died from other causes.

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