2020.08.02 13:54

Coronavirus: Lithuania reports 35 new cases over weekend

LRT.lt2020.08.02 13:54

Seventeen new coronavirus cases were reported in Lithuania on Sunday, in addition to 18 infections on Saturday.

Lithuania's total Covid-19 count currently stands at 2,110, according to the National Public Health Centre.

Of them, 1,644 people have already recovered, 373 are active cases. So far, 80 people have died from the coronavirus in Lithuania.

Four of the cases reported on Sunday have been linked to foreign travel: one person was diagnosed with Covid-19 after returning from the UK, three from Ireland.

Of the 18 infections reported on Saturday, six were contracted abroad: three people had traveled in Ukraine and Belarus, one in Switzerland, one in Poland and one in a country that has not been named.

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