2020.07.31 12:40

Is coronavirus resurgence good for Lithuanian resorts?

LRT.lt2020.07.31 12:40

Reservations across European tourist spots has dropped this week, due to the resurging spread of the coronavirus and the potential return of travel restrictions. This, however, may be good for Lithuania's domestic resorts, an economist believes.

“Fears of the second wave of Covid-19 have disrupted summer vacations: the number of reservations dropped significantly this week across European tourist countries, including those that did not report increases in Covid-19 cases,” economist Žygimantas Mauricas, of Luminor bank, posted on Facebook, sharing a graph from the Financial Times.

This, he believes, is a result of “flawed” policies of EU countries that can unilaterally and without much prior notice impose travel restrictions on fellow EU member states that report higher Covid-19 numbers.

For instance, says Mauricas, the UK over the weekend imposed mandatory self-quarantine for everyone returning from Spain.

“This is bad news for southern European countries dependent on tourism as well as the European Union as a whole where the gap between north and south will grow even further,” he said, adding that countries like Turkey, Thailand or Indonesia are also bound to suffer.

Europeans are not booking holidays, because they cannot be sure that they'll be able to return without flight cancellations or self-quarantine, according to Mauricas.

“There is, however, a silver lining: they're forecasting good weather this weekend, so Palanga will be full of Lithuanian tourists again,” Mauricas added.

Palanga, Lithuania's resort on the Baltic coast, as well as other local spots have been busy this summer with more people preferring to vacation locally.