2020.07.30 15:23

Lithuanian ministry proposes expanding dual citizenship for minors

BNS2020.07.30 15:23

The Interior Ministry of Lithuania has proposed to expand the list of conditions allowing minors, who are Lithuanian citizens by birth, to obtain a second citizenship.

The amendments to the Law on Citizenship would allow Lithuanian citizens, who acquire a citizenship of another state through naturalisation before the age of 18, to keep the dual nationality until they turn 20.

If they do not renounce their second citizenship by the age of 20, they will automatically lose their Lithuanian passport.

Deputy Interior Minister Tautvydas Tamulevičius said that every year around 300 people under 18 lose their Lithuanian citizenship because of their acquired foreign passport.

“From now on, children who are Lithuanian citizens by birth and acquire citizenship of another state through naturalisation before they turn 18 will not lose their Lithuanian citizenship,” he said.

The proposal also calls for facilitating the naturalisation procedure for people under 18, as well as granting Lithuanian citizenship to a child whose at least one parent is a stateless person legally residing in Lithuania. According to the ministry, there would be around five such children per year.

The amendments were approved by the Cabinet on Wednesday and will now be considered by the Lithuanian parliament, Seimas.

With rare exceptions, the current law does not allow for dual citizenship for Lithuanians who left Lithuania after the country regained independence in 1990.