2020.07.29 17:10

Lithuanian government wants mobile service providers to share data about users abroad

BNS2020.07.29 17:10

Lithuania's government has proposed to oblige mobile service providers to share data about Lithuanian citizens abroad and, if necessary, help contact them.

The Cabinet approved on Wednesday a set of amendments to the Law on Electronic Communications, drafted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to require that mobile operators provide data on how many of their users are abroad, forward the ministry's messages, and help contact Lithuanian or EU citizens in cases where there are threats to their security, health or life.

A more detailed procedure for cooperation will be established by a decree of the minister of foreign affairs.

The ministry says the government currently has no latest data on its citizens who are abroad and using services of Lithuanian providers. This way, the ministry cannot provide consular services efficiently enough, it says.

There are no rules regulating the cooperation between the ministry and mobile service providers either.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the Lithuanian government provided information to citizens stranded abroad under a separate agreement with mobile network operators.