2020.06.30 12:00

Lithuania legalises online voting abroad during pandemics

BNS2020.06.30 12:00

On Tuesday, the Lithuanian parliament legalised online voting for its citizens abroad in elections held during a pandemic.

Respective amendments to the Law on Elections to the Seimas were passed in a vote of 71 to zero with two abstentions.

Online voting abroad would be allowed “in a situation where voting at Lithuania’s embassy, consular office or additional polling stations in a foreign country cannot be possible”.

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In such cases, voting could be organised exclusively by mail by sending ballot papers to a respective voter or by mailing an e-voting code.

A person in self-isolation will also be allowed to vote on the website of Lithuania’s Central Electoral Commission.

The specific procedure of e-voting that would guarantee secrecy and prevent double voting will be set forth by the Central Electoral Commission.