2020.06.30 09:42

Lithuania updates ‘blacklist’ of coronavirus-affected countries, imposes mandatory self-quarantine

BNS2020.06.30 09:42

Lithuania has introduced a 14-day isolation requirement for its nationals and residents arriving from 50 countries most affected by the coronavirus, including Sweden, Russia and Belarus.

Previously, Lithuanian nationals and residents were only advised to self-isolated after arriving from the countries on the list.

Lithuania currently allows entry for foreigners from 29 European countries, including the United Kingdom, from June 29. Arrivals from elsewhere are prohibited, unless given a special permission from Lithuanian institutions.

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“Previously, [Lithuanian citizens and residents] arriving from the affected countries were only recommended to self-isolate. Starting from today, [Monday] June 29, the 14-day isolation for such persons is mandatory,” the Health Ministry told BNS. “The procedure has been tightened in view of deteriorating epidemiological indicators in certain foreign countries.”

The ministry has been updating its list of countries most affected by Covid-19 every week.

The countries considered most affected are those with more than 25 new cases per population of 100,000 reported over the last two weeks.

Travelers from countries with infection rates between 15 and 25 are advised, but not required, to go into 14-day self-isolation.

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