2020.06.29 10:31

Coronavirus: infected person from US visited Vilnius bars

LRT.lt2020.06.29 10:31

Lithuania confirmed a single new Covid-19 case over Sunday, according to the National Public Health Centre.

In all, 1,816 people in Lithuania have been diagnosed with the coronavirus to date. However, only 216 remain active cases, while 1,512 people have recovered.

Seventy-eight people have died from Covid-19 in Lithuania.

Infected person from US visited Vilnius bars

The sole coronavirus infection was confirmed in a person who had recently returned from the US.

“The person arrived on June 20 via Amsterdam. The first symptoms appeared on June 24,” said Rolanda Lingienė from the National Public Health Centre.

The disease was not contagious during the flight, she added, “as the infectious period begins three days before the first symptoms appear”.

According to Lingienė, the person visited bars and restaurants in Vilnius, including Špunka, Peronas, Bukowski, Grey, as well as Rimi supermarket in Didžioji street.

Lithuanian authorities consider the person's friends to have been in close contact and at risk of being infected, according to Lingienė.

The centre is now in contact with the affected businesses, while staff who may have been in contact have been isolated, she added.

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