2020.06.26 17:50

People in Vilnius protest against protests

LRT.lt2020.06.26 17:50

A group of people gathered in Vilnius on Friday to take part in a satirical “rally against all rallies in the world”.

The event was organised by a satire news website, which is run by a Lithuanian comedian, Olegas Šurajevas.

According to the Facebook event, “the public space in recent times have been taken up by many strange people with absolutely zero self-reflection, self-irony and a very limited sense of humour”.

“It’s often being forgotten that satire is a separate, abstract form of art,” the event said.

The organisers say the protest has no political agenda.

Recently, a Black Lives Matter rally in Vilnius has resulted in a backlash from the conservative segment of Lithuania's society. In response, a ‘Lithuanian lives matter’ march attracted around a dozen people.

The event page on Facebook used an image from the ‘Lithuanian lives matter’ procession.