2020.06.17 17:26

Despite reports of dead fish in Belarus, Lithuanian officials find no pollution in Nemunas

BNS2020.06.17 17:26

No elevated pollution has been detected in the River Nemunas in Lithuania, according to initial test results. The river's water was tested following reports on dead fish near Hrodna in Belarus.

“The initial results do now show any increase in pollution, but let's wait for the full results expected later this week,” Environment Minister Kęstutis Mažeika told BNS on Tuesday, adding that additional water samples would be collected on Saturday and Monday.

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Experts from Lithuania's Environmental Protection Agency took water samples from the River Nemunas near the southern towns of Alytus and Druskininkai on Monday.

On Sunday, Dmitry Vinchevsky, a Belarusian ornithologist, shared photos of dead fish and other animals in the river near the Hrodna, a Belarusian town some 30 kilometres from the Lithuanian border. His post was shared by Žuvintas Biosphere Reserve Directorate.

There have been several reports in Belarusian media about anglers spotting large numbers of dead fish and other animals in Hrodna.