2020.06.11 09:00

Latvia lifts coronavirus restrictions, Lithuania to follow

LRT.lt2020.06.11 09:00

Latvia’s government on Wednesday lifted the state of emergency declared due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to the country’s public broadcaster LSM.

However, certain restrictions will remain in place. Latvia’s Health Ministry urged people to maintain safety habits, including keeping a two-metre distance, staying home if feeling sick, and following health advice and instructions in public places.

Contrary to Lithuania, Latvia did not declare a nationwide quarantine, allowing most of the country’s businesses to operate under stringent conditions.

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It is still compulsory to wear facemasks on public transport. Similarly as in Lithuania, gatherings are limited to 100 people indoors and 300 people outdoors.

Cultural, sports, entertainment, and religious activities as well as children’s camps are allowed with certain restrictions.

The Baltic states have recently established a so-called travel bubble, allowing free movement between Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania for its citizens and residents.

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The number of new coronavirus infections in the Baltic states have fallen over the recent days, with just four new cases recorded between the three countries on June 1 – the lowest number since the pandemic began.

On Wednesday, Latvia registered three new cases of Covid-19, bringing the country’s total to 1,092. 26 people have died, and 298 are still ill with the coronavirus.

Lithuania, meanwhile, is due to lift quarantine on June 17 and Estonia lifted its state of emergency on May 18.

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