2020.05.28 11:23

Coronavirus: Lithuania confirms 9 new cases 2020.05.28 11:23

Nine new coronavirus have been confirmed in Lithuania since Thursday morning, bringing the total number of infections to 1,656, the Health Ministry said on Thursday.

Most of the infected people, 1,193, have already recovered, while 387 are considered active cases.

Lithuania tested 6,750 people on Wednesday.

A total of 68 people have died from the virus and another eight patients who had the virus have died from other causes.

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On Wednesday, the Lithuanian government decided to extend the nationwide quarantine until June 16, while further easing restrictions. As of next week, mass events with limited number of people will be allowed and bigger groups will be able to congregate or play sports in public places.

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Moreover, Lithuania has set guidelines for gradually opening up for travellers from the EU.

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