2020.05.28 11:11

Lithuania adopts criteria for lifting quarantine

BNS2020.05.28 11:11

The Lithuanian government has adopted four-point criteria on when the nationwide quarantine could be lifted.

For Lithuania to lift quarantine, the rate of infections per 100,000 people should not increase over a 14-day period. As of May 22, the rate stood at 5.9 in Lithuania, 6 in Estonia and 6.1 in Latvia.

Also, at least 90 percent of new weekly coronavirus cases should be linked to existing clusters. Last week, 78 out of 82 cases, or 95.1 percent, were related to the existing hotspots.

The third criteria calls for the average weekly rate of new positive cases to not exceed 0.5 percent of all samples tested. Of 38,993 samples tested last week, 82 samples, or 0.22 percent, tested positive for the coronavirus.

Additionally, there can be no more than five so-called imported cases, when an infected person arrives from abroad, per week. Lithuania reported four imported cases last week.

The Health Ministry is due to release an update on the criteria every Monday. The existing guidelines can be reviewed at least once in two weeks.