2020.05.26 10:30

Lithuanian government revokes Covid-19 guidelines after criticism of age discrimination

The Lithuanian government has revoked some of its recommendations, aimed at lowering coronavirus-related health risks for elderly people, after they were criticised as discriminatory.

The Health Ministry's guidelines for businesses previously required displaying signs advising the so-called risk groups – people over 60 or with chronic health conditions – not to come in.

Moreover, shops, cafes and other businesses were advised to let their risk-group employees to work from home or, if that was not feasible, not to work at all.

Health Minister Aurelijus Veryga said on Monday that his ministry's guidelines for businesses would no longer require singling out particular groups of people.

“This has been done deliberately in response to heated public discussions and to incidents where recommendations were interpreted as obligations or prohibitions to allow access to certain groups of people,” he added.

Moreover, the ministry took back a recommendation to home-school children with chronic conditions or high-risk household members.

However, Veryga emphasised that general recommendations for people in the risk groups to avoid contact with people remained in place.